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AMERICA UNDER FIRE: AN ANALYSIS OF GUN VIOLENCE IN THE UNITED STATES AND THE LINK TO WEAK GUN LAWS, Chelsea Parsons and Eugenio Weigend Vargas, Center for American Progress, Washington, DC: October 11, 2016.Webster, , Amnesty International, International Action Network on Small Arms and Oxfam International, London, UK: 2005.Almost two decades since its inception, meeting via the internet is now a commonplace, shame-free route to romance but users' habits are changing quickly.Research from Mintel shows that 28 per cent of Britons have looked for love on free dating websites in 2014 – drawing level with meeting through friends for the first time – and 12 per cent on paid-for sites.You might not find your true love as quickly as we did, but it's worth a damn good try. Alan, Many thanks for the opportunity to enhance my life through this well regulated site.

Does an intimate knowledge of original cast recordings make for a safe romance?

Chatting someone up in a bar can be ‘hit and miss’, making the phone call can be arduous, and having a first date that lasts the entire evening can be very time-inefficient. And when you do have time, you need to do your washing and call the folks. is an online dating service designed to help you find other singles who live, work – or simply are – near you.

In fact, you're so damn busy that frankly we're surprised you've read this far. So you can meet them for half an hour over a coffee or something stronger to see if there's any chemistry.

Single theater nerds looking for a like-minded date, look no further!

The Australian dating site, Theatre Buddies is now a US import that will "change the face of dating sites, forever," or so the press release claims.

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