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The town experiences tropical climate with the average annual temperatures records at 28.4 °C (83.1 °F).

Hot summers and cool winters are observed due to its proximity to the coast of Bay of Bengal.

The chilli growers who allegedly threatened to stop purchases as they objected to the newly introduced e-purchase system are to face notices. Nagesh and others said that prices have been increasing since the past two years and this attracted non-chilli farmers to the cultivation of chillies.

The official analysis that the chilli crop had slumped last year in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and other areas. The chilli farmers harvested 1,56,068 hectares chillies and it increased to 1,85,981 hectares this year and the extra yield dropped the price. They claimed that the red chillies of Guntur are globally famous and have good market potential.

It receives both South west monsoon and North-east monsoon as well.

Census of India, the town had a population of 70,777 with 18,216 households.

It is situated on the plains at a distance of 40 miles (64 km) to north of the Bay of Bengal.

The city is the third most populous settlement in the state with a population of 743,654 as per 2011 census of India The earliest reference to the present name of the city can be dated back to the period of Ammaraja–I (922-929 CE), the Vengi Eastern Chalukyan King.

It is said that Agastya built the temple in the last Treta Yuga around the swayambhu linga and hence it has this name.

This is the first of it’s kind in Telugu with such a degree of rawness. It’s a kind of film one wouldn’t acknowledge either watching it or liking it.

From the story point of view, the film is interesting but for the latter part of second half. I loved a couple of quirky episodes (Naresh reading sex book in restroom while his mother interrupting with yelling, the way Siddhu Jonnalagadda fears Sraddha Das (for obvious reasons) when she comes to find him in second half). On a whole, Guntur Talkies is a daringly different film that appeals to a different set of crowds!!

According to records, the chilli growers had brought 50 lakhs tonnes of chillis for sale and a further 50 lakh tonnes were ready to be sold.

Earlier, there were allegations against the chilli traders that they were taking insurance money from farmers and the Chilli Yard Market Committee issued notices to the traders demanding the return of illegally clai-med insurance money.

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